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To configure your support system departments, navigate to Setup-> Support -> Departments and click New Department.

  • Department name – Enter department name
  • Hide from a client? – Whether this department is hidden when the customer is opening a ticket.
  • Department email – Enter the department email

Email to ticket configuration


  • IMAP Username – Only fill this field if your IMAP server uses a username to log in instead of an email address. Note that you will still need to add an email address.
  • IMAP Host – Enter your IMAP server hostname
  • Password – Your email account password
  • Encryption – Choose IMAP connection encryption
  • Folder – After you are certain your IMAP configuration is correct, click Retrieve folders to retrieve your IMAP account folders. the CRM will only import the emails that are received in the selected folder, usually, you will want to use your mailbox INBOX folder.
  • Delete mail after import? Whether you want the mail to be deleted after is imported as a ticket.

If you configured email to ticket configuration, click TEST IMAP CONNECTION to ensure that your IMAP configuration is properly configured and the email to ticket feature will work properly.


  • If you want to receive ticket emails you need to belong to the department. Only staff members/admins that belong to the department where the ticket is assigned receive the necessary emails.
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