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Open Ticket from Admin Area

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To open a new ticket click on the sidebar menu item Support -> New Ticket

  • Select assignee. (Default is you and also you can set it to none)
  • Select customer
  • Select department
  • Select desired priority
  • Add ticket subject
  • Add ticket message


To and Email address is field automatically so that means that you can add from this fields. These fields are only used for preview.


What happens when the ticket is created?

When a ticket is created the client will receive an email that a new ticket is opened. The email content can be configured from the Email Templates area going to Setup -> Email Templates -> New Ticket Opened (Admin). This is the email template that will be sent to the client when a ticket is opened from the admin area directly to the client.

If you have chosen to assign this ticket to another staff member, this staff member will receive notification that this ticket is assigned to him.

If the staff member you are assigning the ticket is not in this department where the ticket belongs and the option Setup -> Settings -> Tickets -> Allow staff to access only ticket that belongs to staff departments is checked then he won’t be able to view the ticket.
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