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Ticket Email Templates

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You can easily customize all ticket email templates by going to Setup -> Email Templates -> Tickets

Here is a list of all ticket email templates:

  • New Ticket Opened (Opened by staff, sent to the customer) – (Sends to the customer when a ticket is opened from admin area)
  • Ticket Reply (Sent to customer) – When the admin adds a ticket reply this email will be sent to the customer.
  • Ticket Reply (Opened by a customer sent to staff members) – When the client reply to the ticket and an email will be sent to all staff member which department is the same as the ticket department.
  • New Ticket Open Autoresponse – (When client open new ticket autoresponse message)
  • New Ticket Created (Opened by custom, sent to staff members) – (When a new ticket is opened by the customer all the staff members which department is the same as the ticket department receives this email)
  • AutoClose Ticket – This email will be sent when cron auto closes the ticket.

Feel free to disable any of the email templates if you don’t want to be sent.

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